Catalyst – Stay N Alive


I’ve decided I’m going to begin porting Jeens over to Catalyst, based on Simon Cozen’s Maypole module. Perl is going to need to move to more of an MVC framework for it to stay up with the competition so I may as well help it out.

I in some ways want to leave where Simon Cozens left off with Feuilleton (good luck to him in his religious studies btw – been there and it is quite an experience that all should try!). The goal here is to produce a very plugable application that others can easily add to and modify.

I read somewhere today that the fastest way to get contributors to an open source project is to make the project in small components, allowing others to have their own small “projects” that contribute to the larger project. One example included was Blosxom and it’s plugins.

My thought on Jeens is that it will be more than just a blog, wiki, and photoalbum seperated. By combining elements of all three one should be able to create a “super blog”. So, using wiki elements one might be able to add a link into their blog entry that goes to a pure wiki page, or perhaps just certain components of a page can be a wiki, the rest static or a blog. Or you could have a photoblog, blog, and wiki all in one! Each component must be scalable to add further components and encourage public contributions.

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