124 – Stay N Alive

Microsoft to Buy Yahoo, Microsoft and Open Source Collide

Today Microsoft announced they were putting in a bid to buy Yahoo, Inc.  I am torn on this one, and slightly confused on what may happen if this actually takes place.  Like, will I now have to sign in with Microsoft Passport on all of the Yahoo sites?  Will OpenId still be in Yahoo’s plans?  What about yui?  And what will happen with all of the Linux developers and sysadmins there?

The biggest part of this announcement I think, which hasn’t really been mentioned, is this will mean Microsoft will now own Zimbra, perhaps Exchange’s biggest Open Source competitor in the E-mail/Groupware server market.  Yahoo has been all about Open Source.  Microsoft shuns it, and encourages their employees to look away from it.  How in the world is Microsoft set up to handle such an acquisition?