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Empire Avenue is a Catalyst for the New Economy

If you haven’t tried it yet, Empire Avenue is a new “game” that allows people to accrue virtual wealth by investing in people. In addition, brands can enter the service and invest in other brands and people as well. There are 2 ways to do well on the platform: already be influential (influence == money to invest in more people on Empire Avenue), or invest in the right people that are. As people that you invest in gain more money and influence, you or your brand gain more money (and arguably influence) as well. It’s actually more so a influence network or competitor with sites like Klout than it is an actual game, and if you’re not currently paying attention you probably should. Here’s why:

Virtual money in the future will equate to real money, influence, and sales. Empire Avenue is a catalyst for this type of economy to occur.

Think about it. What happens when Empire Avenue takes the 200,000+ “Eaves” I currently own (the currency of Empire AVenue) and turns it into a platform?

Right now I can currently buy virtual “luxury items” such as virtual pictures of Yachts, Homes, and other things with the money I make through my investments in people. I believe those also accrue money based on value of the items, which I can sell later for more money.

However, what happens when I, as a developer, can start allowing my customers to pay for my real-life services with Eaves, in exchange for very influential people showing off my service prominently on their Empire Avenue profile? Or, what if I allow them to purchase services from me at a discount if they use their Eaves to pay my brand on Empire Avenue, giving my brand on Empire Avenue more influence and money on the service (which we can in turn use to buy more services and products using Eaves from other brands on the service)? With a big enough Economy and brands willing to exchange services in return for a currency such as Eaves that will give them more equity and service, I can very well see this being the future of trade throughout the world, and it won’t matter what country you’re in to make those trades happen.

Empire Avenue is much more than just a game. It’s an economy of “Whuffies“. It’s a way to say, “I’ll give you something in exchange for a little more influence for my brand on the service.” Or, “I’ll give you something in exchange for some advertising for my brand on your profile.” It’s a way to say, “I believe in this person or brand and I’m willing to put my money where my mouth is.”

Call me crazy, but Empire Avenue is an advertising platform, and even more such it’s a new economy. If you, or your brand are not currently paying attention, you should start. These types of services are the new frontier and the first to secure their land grab will be the pioneers of the future world economy.

Of course, I appreciate any investment – I still feel I have a lot to grow on the service. You can find me at http://empireavenue.com/stay

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