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Cinch Enables On-Site Recording of Audio for the Stream

CinchEarly this morning Rob Blackin posted a Cinch, debuting finally the ability to record audio straight from’s own website.  Until today users could post photos and status updates on the micro-podcasting network, but its core service, audio, could not be recorded from the site itself.  Today they fixed that, enabling you to hit record, and save audio from any audio input on your computer.  I’m sure there will be many podcasters and audiophiles rejoicing.

BlogTalkRadio’s, up until recently, has had an iPhone app to record audio, along with an API, and the ability to just call a number on your phone and record audio straight from any phone.  The service enables anyone, no matter where they are, to record audio even without an internet connection, and it gets added to their stream of Cinch updates on  Each stream has its own RSS feed which can be fed into your favorite reader or feed aggregator as well. (I feed mine into FriendFeed)

This move should enable podcasters and those that want to use more professional audio equipment to also post high quality audio shares to the site.  For instance, let’s say you’re a musician and you want to share a quick, live, bootleg preview of a song you just released.  This enables such capability straight from the desktop and any sound equipment you have.  Or perhaps you’re just sitting at work at your computer and just want to record some thoughts.

Screen shot 2009-12-22 at 10.44.27 AM

It will be interesting to see what new types of Cinches get produced from this.  Currently, the company is already broadcasting short audio snippets from Bill Cosby, and tech bloggers Robert Scoble and Louis Gray, along with many others are using it to post short interview clips from the conferences they attend and companies they visit.  I’m using it as a daily personal journal as well.

Cinch’s focus on audio brings some interesting use-cases for a social media stream that text and video simply just don’t satisfy.  I can’t wait to see what comes next for the company.  You can follow me on Cinch at

Disclosure: Cinch and BlogTalkRadio are clients of Stay N’ Alive Productions, LLC, my consulting company

6 thoughts on “Cinch Enables On-Site Recording of Audio for the Stream

  1. One thing that annoys me with the iPhone Cinch: The recording is, of course, mono. However, all the sound goes into the left channel when played back on the website.

    I wish they'd fix that and stream mono recordings as either true mono or duplicated stereo.

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