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Apple: I Told You So!

I said it before, the iPhone is going to be a mistake for Apple if they don’t do it right, and it looks like I was right! Evidently, (and Phil801 beat me to this – I was going to post it last night) AT&T was only able to activate 146,000 phones in the first 2 days it was for sale. Some are blaming it on AT&T’s poor service, others on just the lack of popularity and price factor of the iPhone. I personally think the market is just too saturated! Either way, I was right. Selling through just one carrier was a mistake, they have too much competition, and with a lack of business customers it will only de-value the great piece of the market the iPod had. The one thing the iPhone has done is brought to attention the fact that your cell phone can actually do the same things an iPod can do, and this will hurt both the iPhone and the iPod bottom line, as we’re starting to see. Time will only tell, and Apple is good at doing things right, or making things right that were wrong, but I have to say Apple’s just done this all wrong! I’ve used an iPhone already, but I will be waiting for v.2 or another phone before replacing my current options. I really like my MDA, to tell you the truth!

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