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I’ve Been Twitterpated!

Thanks to Phil Windley and Phil Burns, I have officially been “Twitterpated”. You can find me on twitter.com via my username, “jstayii” or under “Jesse Stay”. You might find the Twitter Search useful in finding me and other friends.

To summarize, Twitter is a way for you to “mini-blog”, or basically share what you are doing any time of the day, anywhere via the web, IM, or even your cell phone via text message. It’s surprisingly simple, and you can get updates of all your friends as they tell you what they are doing. I know, it sounds like a waste of time, but I am finding it actually useful in journalling what I do in a day. Now I can blog my inner-most thoughts, and tell my day-to-day activities via services like Twitter! I still need a more private solution for my own private, sacred, and personal thoughts though – any suggestions?

Searching around today, I found out Facebook also provides a Twitter-like service for listing what you are currently doing on your profile page. Learning this, I tend to wonder how much longer Twitter will be around. What happens when Myspace also adds this service, or blogging software like WordPress or Movable Type add it as a feature to their software? I haven’t searched, but I’m willing to bet there are already plugins out there for this. There is even a mod for Twitter that lets you take your “what are you doing now?” section and publish it to Twitter. Twitter may be fun and addicting now, but I have a feeling it’s just a fad.

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