Digital Marketing Consulting Power Hour


Get a full hour with author, professor, and digital marketing/growth hacking expert, Jesse Stay!


Get a full hour of digital marketing consulting and social media marketing consulting with author, professor, and digital marketing/growth hacking expert, Jesse Stay!

In this hour we’ll:

  • Evaluate your existing digital marketing strategy and assets
  • Look over your current growth strategies and determine ways you can accelerate growth for your brand to a more passionate audience. With this we’ll introduce you to our hub and spoke “passion pages” vertical approach to social media.
  • Review existing targeting and audiences to identify how you can improve ad and content targeting. We’ll help you structure a plan to take your digital marketing efforts further.

You want a larger, more loyal customer base and community. “Buying likes/followers” hasn’t done you any good, and your organic audiences aren’t growing fast enough. Your ad strategy just isn’t producing real conversions for your needs.

We’re familiar with these problems across many different types of business models and platforms, and have the experience to build the strategies necessary to turn your social media and digital marketing efforts around.

For just $1000, you’ll get one hour of our Founder and Principal, Jesse Stay’s time. That’s over 20 years of experience in seeing digital brands grow and showing others how to repeat this growth, over and over again. Jesse will give you a customized training from one of the best in the industry.

We’ll work with you before this Power Hour to understand your business goals and existing strategy so that we can fully prepare for our call with you. This will also help us determine who to bring on the call with us to customize the training with the best expertise possible. All calls will be recorded in video and you’ll get a copy of the video and any materials we use. It’s a customized training just for you and your brand!


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