When you get down to it, social media marketing is one of the most effective marketing platforms in today’s world, and we have the statistics to prove it! Over 50% of small businesses are increasing their social media spend this year.

Yet, social media is still seen by many as being less than a necessity, and is left in the hands of interns or other nonprofessionals. When in reality, social media nets a positive ROI for up to 92 percent of businesses that use it properly. That is, those who have the professional expertise to plan and execute a good strategy.

Here are 7 of the top “reasons” why social media isn’t getting the credit it deserves:

The “Passing Fad” Belief

To believe social media is just a passing fad might have made sense in 2007 when it was still in development. However, when Facebook has reached 1.2 billion users with the corporate reputation of Google or Apple, its rather illogical to assume this could be the case.

You Only Value What You’ve Worked/Paid For

Because it is free to set up and post to business accounts on social media, people tend to take it for granted. Thus, they are less likely to hire a professional who could invest a budget and get the real ROI social media could offer.

The Difficulty in Measuring ROI

Social media campaigns almost always go under-reported. Why? Because there is so much to track that it can be tedious and near impossible to pinpoint every individual who has participated in your campaign. However, these conversions still spread awareness, leading to an increase in sales.

Anecdotal “Evidence”

If somebody witnesses a lack of success in using social media for marketing, they will be less likely to try it themselves. However, this assumption is often made without analyzing the strategy or tactics the business used, and one experience does not represent the majority.

It Doesn’t “Fit” Their Brand

Ironically enough, the same business owners will also make the point that anecdotal evidence can’t prove that social media will work for everybody. Although it is true that some brands will naturally have an easier time marketing on social media, any brand can do it and find success once they test and find the right method!

Not Targeting The Right Audience

Research couldn’t be more important as find your target audience. Targeting those who would not only like your page, but actually engage with your brand is crucial. As well as creating content that will appeal to their interests. Don’t go for easy “likes” to take the easy way out!

Social Media Takes Expertise And Work

A lack of genuine investment in social media kills marketers. Social media can’t just be thrown out there. You need to research, plan, and execute with expertise your social media with a goal in mind. Put together a budget and time investment for your social media if you want it to get real results. Once you do, you’ll get more than what you bargained for.

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