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There’s A Natural Need For Approval On Social Media, Here’s How to Utilize It For Your Strategy

Humans have a natural need for approval, and this is most evident on social media. People don’t spend hours on these social networks posting both personal and public status updates, pictures, videos, etc. for the heck of it. They do it for the attention! They want to appear happier, healthier, wealthier, funnier, smarter, etc. and for everyone to adore them for it. Which is why those of us who market on social media need to learn how to utilize it!

Here are a few ways:

Share Positive Product Reviews 

In today’s virtual world, the first thing customers do when hearing about a new product is plug it into a search engine and see if others approve of it as well. They do this on social media too! When you get positive reviews on your product, service, or cause, share those reviews for a more authentic person-to-person method of advertising!

Publicly Connect With Infuencers 

Find a relevant influencer who’s audience would love you! The positive words this influencer will share on behalf of your brand and your product/service will help you connect with this audience better than almost anything!

Encourage Social Media Sharing 

Word-of-mouth-marketing will always be more trusted than any other. If your friends think its great, chances are you will too. Individual sales/donations are just individual sales/donations and are only good for that moment. By encouraging these customers to share on social media, more will hear about what you have to offer, closing that many more sales/donations.

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