According to DJ Khaled, the key is to be yourself and have a positive message!

“Being authentic always wins,” Khaled said to CNBC. “When people see somebody that is just real, they love it. It ain’t no act. It ain’t no fake,” He says.

Khaled was dubbed “The King of Snapchat” by Coca-Cola senior VP for content Emmanuel Seuge! According to Wired, his snaps are viewed 3-4 million times!

 Although Khaled is known for being “Snapchat Famous” he appreciates and utilizes multiple platforms. This includes 6.2M Instagram followers and 3.36M followers on Twitter!


“I think it would be genius if the CEOs got together,” Khaled said. “I know everybody’s competitive, and everybody getting their money and doing what they have to do, but if they got together and made maybe a switch where we didn’t have to rip stuff off and put it and post it and find a way to break down the pie, (it would be great).”

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