Social media marketing isn’t just for branding and PR anymore. Through ads, promotions, and other means, marketers are finding ways to make a profit off the various platforms.

Although social platforms such as Facebook may be trying to make a few extra bucks off of you through promoted posts and ads, you can definitely use these boosts to your fiscal advantage if you know how utilize them properly with a great strategy and quality content!

An infographic from MDG Advertising has provided an 8-step checklist for those who are looking to make money off their social media. See the steps below, and for the full infographic visit their website here.

1. Strategy

2. Auditing

3. Technology

4. Paid Media

5. Content Development

6. Customer Response

7. Compliance & Risk Management

8. Measurement

The marketer who can learn to utilize and manage each of these aspects of social media marketing will get the ROI they have worked and hoped for. However, the world of social media is ever-changing, so don’t stop doing your research and finding new methods!

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