Just as every business is unique, each marketing strategy should be modeled specifically for the brand its meant to serve. Targeting different audiences and trying different tactics are almost always bound to yield a different result for each business.

However there are some strategical tactics that should be applied to your marketing campaign regardless of your brand.

Here are 5 examples:

  1. Make sure your brand has a vision (purpose) that is easy to understand and that will inspire your audience
  2. Perform A/B testing to figure out what social media marketing strategies work best for the goals you have set, and will resonate best with your audience
  3. Connect with you customers and manage your online communities. Reply to their comments/messages, address their concerns, and acknowledge the part they play in keeping your business afloat.
  4. Monitor your social media to find out what is most important to your target audience. Using this data, create content that will help your brand relate to them.
  5. Collect analytics on how the content of your strategy is performing with your audience. Measure how your audience responds through likes, shares, comments, etc. With these metrics, you will be able to determine the ROI you are getting through social media!


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