When it comes to marketing, strategy is everything- and a good strategy is only the result of goal setting, thorough research, and calculated risks (especially when it comes to your budget).

Here are the steps you need to take for an effective strategy:

Think of What Would Improve Your Brand Most

  • Do you need to increase to your website traffic?
  • Do you need to reach a certain audience?
  • Do you need a better method to inform your consumers?
  • Do you need to re-engage your audience?

Scope Out the Competition

  • Which channels are they most active on?
  • What content are they using? Is it effective?
  • What is their posting schedule?
  • What are they doing that’s working? How can I improve upon it?

See How Social Media Could Improve Other Departments

  • Marketing: New product launches and other campaigns/promotions can be run on social media!
  • Sales: Social media can be used to find real prospects, assist them in their purchase journey and acquire customers. If you promote sales with good social media content, they could exceed their quotas!
  • Human Resources: Linkedin has always been a great hiring spot for recruiters, but now even Twitter and Facebook profiles are becoming great resources!
  • Customer Service: Most people nowadays share their product/service experiences on social media, and are more comfortable messaging than calling!

Target Your Audience

  • What demographic of people would be most interested in your product?
  • What are their likes/dislikes?
  • What are their concerns? What would get their attention?
  • What are their social media tendencies?

Form A Strategy Around Your Goals

  • Have your content reflect your goals and the plans you have for your brand. Make a calendar for the campaign period
  • Think of how to get your audience to help accomplish those goals
  • Calculate the risks and benefits of different marketing techniques, see if your budget is sufficient

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