You wouldn’t have your brand on social media if you didn’t think the ROI would benefit your brand. However, is this best done through selling or engaging on social media? The answer is both.

You need to build trust, and a relationship with your audience online if you want them to have any interest in your product/service. Not to mention, have content that makes them hungry for more as opposed to just selling to them in your posts. Remember: they’re not doing it for you.

Here’s a few ways you can balance community building and advertising on social media:

  1. Find, research, and learn how to pique the interest of followers who would be genuinely interested in your product/service
  2. Study online forums and social groups to find out what is hot with your audience!
  3. Cross-promote your content on multiple channels, but modify it for efficiency on each platform
  4. Create a content calendar in advance to help you plan according to the needs of your business, and to visualize the balance you are trying to make between engaging and selling!

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