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3 Things To Try Before “Giving Up” On Social Media Marketing

Despite being one of the most cost-effective and successful marketing platforms in the modern world, a lot of social media accounts out there are “dead”. In other words, the brand did not get the ROI they had hoped for and have resorted back to more traditional (even outdated) forms of marketing.

If you feel like social media is just not giving your brand the push it needs, here are a few things to try before giving up on it:

Expand Your Target Audience

Of course its important to target your audience, but you need to make sure you target everyone who could possibly be interested- not just those who are interested in your product/service specifically. Let’s say your business is selling baby toys. Obviously, not many people will be interested in baby toys specifically, so you should try targeting ads to parents (especially mothers) as a whole. This also reflects in the creation of your content. Make more content about parenting newborns as a whole, such as newborn play/learn activities, funny baby videos, baby food recipes, etc. to grab the interest of your target audience just in time to show off your product.

Limit Your Calls-To-Action

When it comes to CTAs on social media, less is more! Nobody wants to listen to a salesman all day. Whether it makes them laugh, cry, scream, recoil, or protest, give them content that solicits a reaction and that they will want to come back for. Then, once you have them engaging with your brand, they will be far more likely to, not only see your product/service on their newsfeed, but buy it!

Try Live Video

Right now, video (especially live video) content takes the lead when it comes to engagement! Live videos are exciting, and make the customer feel like they are in the moment! Play around with it, and do it at different events/locations and different subject matter and see what grabs their attention. This is especially the case if you engage with your audience throughout the video, answering questions and taking requests.

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