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The Top 10 Must-Do’s For Growing Your Social Media

Whether you’re a social media marketing extraordinaire or just starting with your business, these are your “Ten Commandments” for marketing on your social channels!

If you want to build up the reputation and community of your brand online, you must:

  1. Listen to your audience and plan content accordingly.
  2. Target those who would be most interested, and let it expand from there!
  3. Put quality over quantity. Even if its less, its more effective.
  4. Be patient and persistent in growing your brand presence! It won’t be overnight, but it will be worth it!
  5. Direct back to your website to get the full ROI (return on investment) from your social media marketing. 
  6. Connect with influencers who have audiences that would be most interested in your product/service!
  7. Focus on creating engaging content THEN conversions. Nobody wants to listen to a salesperson every day!
  8. PR is priceless. Communicate with your followers, partners, and everyone else who is feeding into your success!
  9. Be consistent in content and communication
  10. Publicly talk about those who talk about you! Say Thank You to your supporters!

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