Social media has changed over the years, and will continue to change as long as it exists. Why? Because as times have changed, social media platforms have adapted and changed with them. One example of this, is Mark Zuckerberg’s new focus on augmented reality as announced in Facebook’s most recent conference.

Have you been able to keep up? If not, here is a great place to start! Use these pointers to modify your social media marketing strategy and make it relevant again!

Utilize Live Video

  • Ensure you have a good connection while recording
  • Check the quality of your sound
  • Have an eye-catching headline
  • Promote your live stream in advance
  • Keep the video and use clips and GIFs of it for future use

Engage With Influencers

  • Utilize an effective social media marketing agency
  • Reach out to and build a relationship with influencers
  • Make sure both you and the influencer are getting what you want

Content Is King, Make Sure Its Quality

  • We’ll say it again: utilize live video
  • Test different forms of content and see what resonates best with your audience
  • Create original imagery

Use live video streaming for blogs and podcasts

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