First, let’s get one thing clear: you need to be on social media. In this day and age, your most cost-effective and influential marketing is here.

However, you need to put social media in the hands of someone who knows what they’re doing. Make sure that whomever you put in charge, is both well versed in your brand and has proven social media expertise. Doing so will help protect you against the following dangers:

  • Social Media is instant and is used for instant gratification. It waits for no one. Make sure that you social media presence is consistent in both content and PR. Answer messages as soon as possible!
  • Reputations are easily ruined on social media. It used to be that if a customer had a negative experience at a restaurant, they would tell maybe three friends. In the age of social media, three just became three thousand.
  • PR is priceless regardless. However on social media, this requires significantly more monitoring. If anything you post is coined as offensive or is easily misunderstood, chances are thousands have already seen it before you could fix it. Post with caution and be ready to post immediately in times of crisis such as when a public story or attack is made against your brand.

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