If there’s one thing social media content needs to be, its eye-catching. The moment your content pops up, it needs to grab the attention of your customer and prompt them to react or respond!

This is especially important on apps like Snapchat, where there is constant, popping, in-your-face content and its easy to be forgotten in all the noise!

So if you’d like to stand out on Snapchat, here are a few things you can improve:

  1. Shorten your Stories (to ten snaps or less)
  2. Keep Stories short, but still long enough to be informative
  3. Spread Stories throughout the day, don’t overload!
  4. Include a CTA (ask audience to reply, screenshot, or visit a website)
  5. Keep Stories unique
  6. Change up, and be creative with your Stories!
  7. Make your Stories enjoyable with or without sound
  8. Track click-throughs and ensure that followers enjoy your Snaps!

For more information, see the full blog post on blog.hubspot.com


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