As we move forward into the future, two tools are getting the spotlight they deserve for their promising ROI and growth potential. These tools are social media and artificial intelligence!

Over 2.5 billion- approximately 1/3 of the planet- is on social media. As far as AI goes, a prediction from Forrester states that investment into AI is expected to grow by 300%. You can’t afford to ignore either of these advancements if you want your business to thrive as time goes on. Yet, there are examples where the two have already come together!

Here are a few examples:

Slack Bots

Slack bots help predict the likelihood of a piece of content becoming successful. It will also help you find other forms of successful content on your channel!

Facial recognition

Facebook is not only the leading social media platform, but has taken a keen interest in AI. This especially evident in how they have used facial recognition for tagging in pictures.


As social media grows, so does it maintenance. Creating and releasing content, scheduling, PR, advertising, and so on is becoming very time consuming for marketers. Luckily AI is now taking a role in analyzing content for them through various social media support tools!

Customer Service

According to a study, most customers want to interact with brands through messaging these days. Many of these messages will come through social media and AI is here to help.

On Facebook there are chat bots that will give followers an immediate response when they message the business, redirecting them to where they need to go! AI will also help marketers prioritize messages, and even identify trolls from real users!

A High Volume of Better Data

Any successful social media marketer knows that listening to their audience and learning their preferences is crucial in planning content. AI helps them get the insights they need from the social platform data.

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