Did you know that businesses that run influencer marketing campaigns have gained a 37% better retention rate? A Forrester report revealed that 80 percent of all B2C and B2B purchases involve recommendations through word-of-mouth influence!

If you want success in social media influencer marketing, here are a few tips to utilize:

Target Your Audience
  • What is the environment/culture of your audience?
  • Who do they associate with?
  • What is their passion/priority?
  • What concerns them?
  • What will they gain with your product/service?
Set Goals
  • Reach/Views
  • Engagement
  • Follower Growth
  • Sales
Let The Influencer Woo Their Audience
  • Have them create content
  • Credit and tag them in every opportunity
  • Make it about them
Don’t Always Go For The Most “Popular”
  • Go for the one who has the most favorable, and specific audience for your product/cause/service
  • Don’t waste money on reaching those who wouldn’t be interested
  • They will be more likely to let you take control
Collect Analytics As You Go
  • Track results during to know you can improve your campaign
  • Track after to determine the overall success of the campaign

For more details, see the original post on forbes.com