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6 (of Many) Reasons Why Your Brand Can’t Disregard Social Media

You need to start budgeting for social media marketing and advertising. Let’s start with a couple fast facts:

Still not convinced? Here are 6 (of many) key reasons why you need to update your strategy:

1. Social Media Has the Greatest Reach

It can reach hundreds of people within hours, and tens of thousands (possibly hundreds of thousands) of people within a month!

2. Social Media Is the Most Affordable & Gives the Best ROI

Social media is tremendously cheap compared to most traditional advertising (newspapers, billboards, magazines, etc.). For the amount of reach and website traffic you get, social media marketing budgets are well spent and affordable for most businesses!

3. Social Media Increases Website Traffic & Promotes Visibility

Once again, social media directs more people to websites (where your product/service is sold) than search engines themselves!

4. Customer Service Is Needed On Social Media

Poor customer service drives away 66% of consumers worldwide, and 78% of those who complain on Twitter want help within the hour. Get on it. 

5. They WANT to See You There!

71% of consumers are impressed by high reviews on social. 93% check social media for reviews before purchasing

6. Your Customers Are Waiting For You On Social Media

41% of consumers (who spend 2 hours or less on social) made at least $500 in purchases just in the last 12 months.

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