Over 84% of American smartphone users look up products online before purchasing! Consumers are turning more and more to e-commerce as time goes on, and you need to stay in the loop. Sales went up to $394.9 billion in 2016, that’s a 16% increase from 2015!

Thus, here are a few social media and e-commerce tools to try to step up your marketing:

  1. Pinterest Lens is a discovery tool will show consumers related goods based off of what they are pointing their camera at!
  2. Like to Know It lets users take then upload screenshots of clothing from their Instagram feeds and make purchases!
  3. Instagram itself now has a “shoppable tags” feature. This lets users press a button that gives product descriptions, prices, and a “shop now” option!
  4. Polyvore allows you to create collages of products from different retailers, and shares details as well as a link to purchase!
  5. Masterpass Facebook Messenger Bots is the result of a union between Facebook and Mastercard to let consumers complete transactions over Facebook Messenger. Not only can they research the product, but have it shipped right then and there!

For more details on how to utilize these tools, visit blog.hootsuite.com

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