Facebook Evergreen Ads?

One of my favorite Facebook ad techniques to build leads that I like to use for clients is to initiate “Evergreen Ads”. These are ads that appear within the funnel based on certain actions visitors of me or my client’s websites take. These follow a specific, programmed behavior, and after testing repeat over and over again based on actions users take in the funnel. I’ll share more examples of this here in the future, but I’d like to share just one example here.

Creating Your Audience

You can set time limits on your Facebook evergreen campaigns. For instance, if I create an audience of “Everyone who sees my newsletter signup popover or visits StayNAlive.com/newsletter“, I can create one copy of that audience that has a 180 day time limit (everyone in that audience that has seen the newsletter signup in the last 180 days, the maximum allowed), and then create another copy of that audience for just 14 days (this could be modified to 7 days if 14 days is too much).

Creating an Ad Schedule

Then, I should create 2 campaigns (1 dollar a day is often sufficient, per Dennis Yu and Blitz Metric’s strategies – Dennis is one of my personal mentors and I love sharing knowledge and gaining knowledge from him). The first would be a direct lead-gen campaign targeting the 14 day audience – this means for the first 14 days, they’ll see an ad re-prompting them to sign up, right inside Facebook, for the newsletter. Visitors will eventually get sick of seeing this though and will tune out (you need to determine what the magic day this is for your visitors – it may not be 14 days).

The second campaign will target the 180 day audience (again, 1 dollar a day), this time *excluding* the 14 day audience so the minute those 14 days are over, the new ads kick in. The new ads should be more informative and interesting so my audience isn’t constantly being bombarded with not-as-useful lead-gen ads. Now this audience, who has shown interest in StayNAlive.com, will start seeing very useful and interesting blog posts and articles in their feed for the remaining 166 days from you. I’d perhaps set a conversion goal for this audience for them to sign up for my PowerHour, or perhaps fill out a Strategy Assessment form to sign up to receive a proposal from my team (but not link directly to those, again, so I don’t overwhelm them). If I were to take this further, perhaps I’ll have other time limits in this that start later on in the process – perhaps I directly prompt them for my other services after a given time for a brief amount of time, or perhaps I prompt them one more time to sign up for the newsletter. The possibilities are endless in this new “choose your own adventure” game!

BTW, if you saw this article as “sponsored” in your Facebook feed, it’s because it’s the first article after the 14 days I have set to show up for those of you that visit this blog. Pretty cool, huh?