One of my personal best friends and most admired heroes in the marketing world is Dennis Yu. I’m a bit of an introvert, but when he visits he’s one of the few I always always try to find time, have lunch, and share knowledge with. He’s one of the few that actually cares, and tries to strengthen all of those around them. Other “experts” in the industry tend to be self promotional, secretive, and ultra-competitive in what they’re doing. You may have seen some of their videos or podcasts – they love to make you feel good, but they only talk about themselves, and rarely will you see something they are doing currently work for you personally. Not Dennis Yu though – he’s taking an approach very few are taking these days, and his efforts are paying off, big time! If you’re looking to build followers, it’s worth investigating what he does.

In religious texts – be it Moses, Jesus, Mohammed, the Buddha, or any number of founders of major religious movements, they all have similar things in common. I’m going to use Jesus as the example because, growing up Christian, that’s the one I’m most familiar with. Jesus never withheld information if you read about him in the New Testament. In all texts about Jesus you read about a man, or God depending on your belief, who openly shared content with anyone willing to hear. He didn’t hold back. His message was for everyone. It wasn’t private nor secret. He didn’t charge money for his message. Moses, Mohammed, and Buddha all did the same – it’s why their writings are available today, or minimally writings about them.

When you share information openly and freely something strange happens. You don’t lose audience nor business – you gain audience. When you unselfishly share something that benefits another person, that person takes that information and promotes you to their own audience, and it spreads. If you look at all the examples above, the result of their open sharing of inspiring messages was entire movements built around them, even some being seen as “Saviors” and “Messiahs”. Yet most of them didn’t seek such notoriety, at least that we know of. They instead sought to serve mankind, and be a benefit to society through content and teachings.

Dennis Yu runs a business called Blitz Metrics. If you go to their website you notice their entire focus is on sharing information. They have an entire section for students, for instance, allowing any student to come get a job and earn money with their clients through their free information. They openly share their Personal Branding Guide and Facebook Dollar a Day strategies that are core to their own business model. He builds others like myself up in the industry – I often even get little gifts with kind messages on them for Christmas from Dennis, out of the blue. If you ever talk to Dennis in person he’ll tell you he sees no one as a competitor. There’s plenty of fish in the sea and so many verticals out there that there’s no reason for companies in this industry to compete. He’s a true “fisher of men”. He truly believes there will always be plenty of business, and he has no problem finding it as a result of this strategy. The model is simple, based on my observations:

  • Write helpful content in your niche
  • Share helpful content openly with valued potential clients and partners everywhere that is relevant to your intended audience
  • Praise others that have value to you
  • Help others that have value to you

Following these simple techniques any brand can do the same, and clients will begin coming to them, rather than having to fish for clients. It’s counter-intuitive, but oddly, it’s been done over and over throughout time and it works! Dennis, and Blitz Metrics have shown that an open content model is the time tested, history approved method of growing customers, building audience, and ensuring a loyal follower base that will even write blog posts like this. They can now be picky about which customers they allow into “their Kingdom”, increasing revenue and lowering costs in the process. It’s a model I approve and have emulated myself over time and I know it works. As you’re developing your own business growth strategies, remember – content is King! Being open, honest, and helpful with your content is Divine. So ask yourself – WWDYD?