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Did you know you, or your kids are likely vulnerable to someone hacking your computer? Did you know someone could monitor every keystroke you type on your computer? Did you know someone can very easily take over your webcam, without you knowing, and watch your every move? You should be scared if you have a computer or any device that connects to the internet. It’s really not that hard for someone to hack your computer or home network! If you follow through to the end I have the perfect solution that will protect you better than any other solution I’ve tried – and it’s FREE! (PS there’s a cool sweepstakes to win a free Macbook Pro or Apple Watch!)

Here’s how easy it is to hack your computer. This is besides the possibility of someone calling you on the phone pretending to be someone else and using social engineering to get your password – go read my review of “Ghost in the Wires” and the story of Kevin Mitnick for how easy that is. All it takes is someone, somehow, to convince you to click on a link that looks friendly, and maliciously downloads software to your computer in the background. Before you know it hackers have access to your computer – they can either take control of it, view your webcam, or even demand ransom and encrypt your entire hard drive if you don’t pay! These are very real scenarios that happen all the time! Let’s go over some of these methods:

The Word Macro

One way hackers compromise systems is to get you to click on a link (they can just take over a friend’s social media profile making it look friendly, tricking the smartest of us!). This link downloads a Microsoft Word file, and inside the file is a Macro, or little program, that runs the minute you open the Word file. This program executes system commands, and takes over your computer.


Cross-Site Scripting

Cross-site scripting, or XSS, is a method hackers use to utilize insecure Javascript and forms on a website to make the website do things it wasn’t supposed to do. This has been used commonly on sites like Facebook. A hacker takes over a Facebook profile or sends you an email with your friend’s name and email in the from address, and includes a link that has Javascript in the URL. When you click on this, it executes right on the website you’re in potentially causing other damage (this is an easy way to take over someone’s profile, for instance).

The Compromised Download

If you have kids they’ve likely downloaded something compromised, and you’ll never know it until it’s too late. Many download sites offer free downloads from users. If you think you’re downloading a legitimate file, it may not be as legitimate as you think. Many of these downloads have been compromised with malware and viruses that can take over your computer. You need solid security software to protect you and your loved ones.

My Very Best Solution: Sophos Home!

Sophos is very well known in the industry for their Enterprise software. This is security software that very large companies install to protect employee computers from being compromised and losing sensitive company data. This software has to be ultra accurate and secure to protect such valuable data. Companies spend hundreds of thousands on this type of software!

Just recently Sophos launched Sophos Home, which utilizes the same level of security as their Enterprise product and packages it for the home. It’s not just a simple Anti-Virus tool though – it’s so much more! Oh, and did I mention it’s ENTIRELY FREE???

When you go to and click “Get Started” it has you download software to install on your computer. Install that and immediately the computer it’s installed on is protected. However, you can do more!


Log in now at and you’ll see a list of all computers under your account with the software installed. It works with Macs, PCs, and I’m told there are going to be mobile solutions soon as well! If you click on any of the devices it will tell you if it was compromised, but it also allows you to configure things like whether that computer can surf porn, look at violence or drugs or whatever type of matter you don’t want them viewing. On all my kids’ computers I set this. You can also set it to notify you if any of these settings is triggered. This way you can talk to your kids if they’re visiting questionable websites. It will also block any questionable downloads, entirely preventing the scenarios listed above!


The coolest feature? If you’re the techie of the family and you have family members that don’t know how to install software like this, it gives you a link you can send them. They click on the link, it installs the software automatically, and now you have access to monitor their computer as well.

Owning a computer may be scary. That’s okay though, because Sophos Home offers a free, enterprise-grade solution that will protect your entire home and family from threats. Stop paying for your high-tech anti-virus and internet filtering software! Go get Sophos Home now! You can download it at I now recommend this to everyone looking for a home security product.

Still not convinced? Check out this hilarious video about their product!: