facebook_pic.pngIt appears that Facebook has very quietly announced when the new profile redesign will go live to all users of their site. In a developers wiki article about infinite sessions posted on August 7th, Facebook announced under the question, “I thought you were deprecating infinite sessions?”, that the new redesign will go live to all users on August 27, 2008.

This move should be a welcome one for developers. One of the largest frustrations amongst Facebook developers with the new design has been having to support both the old design and new until users all begin to adopt the new. The new design provides more integration points, protects users against spammy apps, and tends to side towards more useful applications on the platform.

The new profile redesign has been accepted by some, rejected by many. I experienced this first hand recently in trying to cover some missed changes, that within just a week had been changed due to the quick evolvement of the new platform. Initially rolled out to 5% of users, it will be interesting to see the reaction of users as all 100+ million users are forced to use the new design. It is my prediction that there will be backlash at first, but as with any change, users will begin to adapt and learn how to use it in a new way. You can switch to the new design yourself by going the http://www.new.facebook.com – it will from that point on take you to the new design every time you go to Facebook.

How was your adoption of the new design? You can follow my updates on Facebook at http://jessestay.socialtoo.com.