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Bitcoin Use-Cases: IPFS and the Real, Viable, Plan to Replace the World Wide Web

Back in 2013 I predicted an internet that was no longer client-server oriented like the current, "HTTP" (Hypertext Transfer Protocol)-based internet, but an entirely peer-to-peer internet that no longer has the need of large government and central...

How I Use Evergreen Ads Inside Facebook to Build Leads

Facebook Evergreen Ads? One of my favorite Facebook ad techniques to build leads that I like to use for clients is to initiate "Evergreen Ads". These are ads that appear within the funnel based on certain actions visitors of me or my client's...

Do You Have This? Facebook is Testing a GoFundMe Fundraising Competitor

Facebook is testing a new fundraising feature that allows any user to raise money for their friends. Will this be a GoFundMe killer?


WWDYD? How Dennis Yu Emulates Religious Figures to Build Followers and Loyalty

One of my personal best friends and most admired heroes in the marketing world is Dennis Yu. I'm a bit of an introvert, but when he visits he's one of the few I always always try to find time, have lunch, and share knowledge with. He's one of the...

Charities: Here is How to Make Your Own Facebook Profile Frames For Your Cause

Possibly in response to Snapchat’s brand geofilters, some time in December Facebook quietly launched a feature that brands have been asking for on Facebook for awhile: Facebook Frames, or Camera Effects! Now any official charity on Facebook can create an overlay for their audience’s Facebook profiles to display their enthusiasm for the brand. Then, in the news feed it will appear with an option for friends to also add a frame. Now every time someone adds a new profile photo, they get asked if they want to add a frame – yours will be one of the first in the directory! Here’s how you do it:


Social Media Marketing For The Future

Social media has changed over the years, and will continue to change as long as it exists. Why? Because as times have changed, social media platforms have adapted and changed with them. One example...

Social Media Marketing By Age

Even if millennials are stereotyped as the “selfie” generation that lives on social media, they aren’t the only audience on there. In fact, if you think they are the generation...

Snapchat Mistakes & How to Fix Them

If there’s one thing social media content needs to be, its eye-catching. The moment your content pops up, it needs to grab the attention of your customer and prompt them to react or respond!...

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