Twitter Updates for 2008-01-03

  • Is there a way to incorporate Google Notes with Google Reader? I’d love to include a note with why I shared an item in Reader. #
  • anyone else getting spam from Doba again from the Guy presentation here in Utah? #
  • @loiclemeur what is Patrick from Google’s Twitter ID? I’d love to get him out to Utah for one of our Social Media developers meetings #
  • Fixing bugs in Net::Twitter (undocumented Twitter API features) – will send them to maintainer when done. #
  • @al3x does the followers API call require a page number as well, or does it return all followers in one call? #
  • Some things I learned about Twitter and how they treat spam today: #
  • GlobalNerdy thinks I’m funny: #
  • @scobleizer sorry to hear about your Facebook account – is Facebook stupid??? Sounds like they need to know who their customers are. #
  • @jordanlee1 click on “profile”, then copy the url. #
  • @scobleizer it sounds like Facebook has an automated script that reads the logs, and sends out those notices if it detects someone scraping #
  • Wishing I got up as early as @rodneyrumford, @scobleizer, and the others so I could have been in on the rush. Bloggin now… #
  • @jasonalba, while not his intention, I bet his traffic is through the roof right now #
  • Why Plaxo execs need a copy of our book: #
  • My opinions of the whole @scobleizer Facebook controversy: #
  • @windley interested to hear your reasons for why it’s not a replacement for traditional web hosting #
  • Wow – my Perl blog post has people up in arms – I feel a follow up post coming #
  • I feel privileged that Andy Lester corrected me though – he is one of the reasons I think Perl has a reason to step up with the Rails outcry #
  • on the phone with a client, brainstorming some really cool ideas for their product #
  • @jasonalba cognizant? #
  • @jasonalba – having fun trying to understand? #
  • @royblumenthal – I hope she feels better! That’s been going around our house as well. #
  • @jasonalba do I get a pool or spa too since I wrote a book with you? #
  • tempted to create the shirt, “I do it in 140 characters or less” #
  • Trying to figure out this Twitter API – Net::Twitter for Perl doesn’t fully follow it #

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Jesse Stay has been a pioneer in the space of social media marketing since before it was called "social media marketing". Originally a software developer, Jesse built a tool called which helped brands like Pepsi, Brittany Spears, and MC Hammer grow their social media presence, and before he knew it brands were coming to him for help to grow their presence in very unique ways. His tool was featured on almost every tech blog and even mainstream news sites like New York Times, Techcrunch, and Mashable. Jesse also spent a brief period working FOR Facebook, Inc., helping them to build out their documentation to help companies integrate Facebook Connect into their websites and mobile apps. Jesse took his skills and helped the LDS Church kick off most of its social media programs. While there he helped launch the award-winning "I'm a Mormon" marketing campaign with global reach worldwide in the millions of views and followers. Jesse established new global programs at the Church to further grow its reach amongst both members and non-members of the Church, working with every department of the Church, also including entities like the Mormon Tabernacle Choir and Brigham Young University. He also helped the Church navigate its voice and presence during the Mitt Romney Presidential campaign due to the significant attention the Church was getting at the time. He established the social media advertising techniques and strategies employed at Deseret Digital Media growing over 20 million fans across their news properties in just 6 months, and was featured on AdWeek for his success. As founder and Principal of Stay N Alive, Jesse has developed very unique techniques in social media advertising to help organizations grow presences, within months on minimal budgets, into hundreds of thousands of highly relevant and engaging fans and followers. He designed and teaches social media advertising at LDS Business College. He has helped grow sales, and has a belief that yes, you CAN measure social! Jesse has been featured as one of 10 entrepreneurs to follow on Twitter (next to Biz Stone and Ev Williams, founders of Twitter) by Entrepreneur magazine. Jesse has written 9 books on the topic of social media marketing and development, including Google+ Marketing For Dummies and Facebook All In One For Dummies, and eats, lives, and drinks social media with a personal combined presence of over 600,000 followers on his personal social profiles.

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