Twitter Updates for 2007-12-19

  • Picking up a pregnant craving for my wife #
  • I’m looking for a breast cancer ribbon graphic and a link that takes you to donate to breast cancer research for my blog – any suggestions? #
  • @ashbuckles thanks – I found a good one. #
  • Dear Google Reader – please give me the capability to share directly from your iGoogle Reader widget #
  • I’ve found lots of pink ribbons, but I want javascript that puts one in the upper-right corner of my blog (without me creating one myself) #
  • @akearns, I didn’t instigate it, but my blog explains #
  • Leopard’s DNS is *still* going down on me, even after the last (second) major update! #
  • @octalmage – nice! Thanks! #
  • @akearns – I liked that post too – scoble puts it much better than I could 🙂 #
  • I’m ready to kill Leopard – I had a beautiful blog post all written, hit save, and my network went completely down. #
  • The problem doesn’t seem to be dns any more – I couldn’t even access my router by IP there for a second! With each Leopard update the p … #
  • then about 5 minutes later the network comes back up, then 5 minutes after that it goes back down again. I’m really starting to hate Apple. #
  • So much for a blog post today – I’m going to bed. Thanks a lot apple. You ruined my day — now what??? #
  • @octalmage that’s my only option now. I may just do that – been there before, somehow I always end up back on Linux. #
  • @octalmage, I’ve actually had way fewer OS-specific problems with the Vista release. I remember problems with the Tiger release, and th … #
  • most problems with Vista have been with 3rd party support. Leopard seems to be actually OS-specific. They don’t seem to know how to re … #
  • sadly, there is no perfect OS 🙁 #
  • @octalmage is it 64-bit Vista, and do you have the hardware to handle it? With the right hardware, Vista works beautifully (for the mos … #
  • wel, I’m off to bed officially now. #
  • Happy 20th birthday Perl! #
  • This was on the Facebook wiki – is it a joke? Is it a fun tag Facebook is releasing? It appears to be from a FB employee: http://snurl#
  • Facebook just added ability to “group” friends, send messages to an entire group, etc. today. WTG Facebook! #
  • @hundreddollar what type of things are you looking for a “youtube app” to do? #
  • @ericlitman I guess it’s about time for me to start using an actual blog editing tool instead of editing directly in my browser #
  • @hundreddollar there’s a youtube app: – if you do a search for “youtube” on facebook it will give you several options #
  • @jasonalba congrats! #

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