I Hate My iPhone and I Haven’t Even Turned it On!

Okay – I admit. I just barely turned it on. I still hate it! More on that in a minute.

I decided today, for some business reasons (trying to learn how to develop for an iPhone) to go out and buy an iPhone. Yes, I’ve read all the articles and did my research before-hand (see my previous articles here and here). I knew there was a chance I’d be switching to AT&T and footing around $100 for an early termination fee (which I was going to try a few tricks to get out of). Frankly, that didn’t matter to me because the iPhones are now cheaper than the new Treos, and to me it made it worth it. Plus, it was a deductible business expense!

Well, I’m definitely having buyer’s remorse and will probably (if I can give up that alluring, shiny screen I can’t get past the first screen on) be returning it on Monday. I don’t see how anyone could be using these things!

I opened it up – very nice, pretty packaging that Apple is known for. Inside was the beautiful, sexy iPhone calling to me. “Activate me! Activate me!” it said. The minute I removed the packaging it knew to turn on (magic!). What do you know – it said “Activate me!” right there on the screen! (okay, something to that effect) I press the button that says “Activate me!” Nothing. I start pressing buttons. Nothing. I soon realize that you need to connect it to iTunes to get it working. I’ll get to that in a minute.

I mentioned I hated it before turning it on – that’s still true. Before even opening it, I know very few people that just love AT&T. In fact, I don’t think I know anyone that does. Some like it, lots hate it. I love T-Mobile, so I DO NOT want to switch to AT&T if I don’t have to. Not just that, but they lock you into a 2 year contract! Why risk getting stuck with horrible service for 2 years when I’m already in a wonderful, loving relationship?

So I started surfing around the internet for unlock solutions. I had heard this was now possible, and figured I’d now start researching it. After all, I had already unlocked my T-Mobile MDA and upgraded it to Windows Mobile 6 – how hard could it be? It turns out you either a) need to open up the case, pull out a soldering iron, risking explosion and other mishaps – not to mention voiding your warranty in the meantime, b) buy a custom SIM card and perform a few software updates (ok, that’s an option), or c) wait for a new software hack by iphonesimfree that they are saying they will start selling as a download on their site soon. Cool – I’ll just wait for option C and I’ll be able to keep it with T-Mobile, right?

Well, wrong. It turns out I can’t even use the thing.

I decided to follow the instructions and hook it up to iTunes. iTunes popped up, and said “Please connect iPhone to a computer running a 32-bit version of Windows XP (SP2) or Windows Vista.” What? I recall no warnings about this by the sales people. I see no large print signs warning users of this (this is a big thing, right? I mean 64 bit is all computer manufacturers are making now isn’t it?). So I decide to upgrade iTunes to 7.4.1 to see if maybe it’s fixed in there (after all, everything else in iTunes works great on Vista 64 bit!). I start the install process, it downloads the files, and all of the sudden I get an error saying, “Errors occured while installing updates.” I try multiple times, with the same error – does iTunes itself no longer support Vista 64 bit? Are they moving back in time? What gives Apple?

Apple, I think I may just consider a Zune after this experience.

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