100 for $100, 500 for $50 on Came2Pass.com

For those of you who are members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, I have a proposal for you. As I mentioned before, I’ve started a new little venture called Came2Pass.com. Its slogan is “News for Mormons, by Mormons”, and it will soon become your one-stop shop for all LDS-related news, information, and stories. It is a place where you, your mom, your grandpa, or even your best friend can get together and know what each other are looking at on the web. It’s cutting edge for Mormon News!

Well, I’d like to make being part of the Came2Pass.com community a little sweeter. As of today, I am initiating a contest. From the time Came2Pass went live until now the first 100 users that sign up and submit a unique, appropriate LDS-standards related story get entered into a random drawing for $100. Yes, you have to sign up, and yes, you have to actually submit an appropriate, unique LDS-standards related story to be eligible.

Is that not enough? How about I make the deal even better? The first 500 users that submit at least 1 vote on stories will be eligible for a random, $50 drawing at the end of the 500 votes. Each user only gets entered once per contest, and no, you can’t win both contests, but you should try on both, as you may win one or the other! Please ensure you sign up with a valid e-mail address, as

So I encourage everyone to hurry up and subscribe and start voting on articles! It could mean $100 in your pocket.

Here are some questions some of you may ask:

Is Nephi included in the drawing?

No. In case you haven’t noticed, Nephi is just a bot, and is built to agreggate several LDS-related feeds from off the web to ensure you always have plenty of original content.

So, how can I get original content if Nephi is already gathering it for me?

Nephi is set to only gather a few specific websites’ content. There is plenty more out there. Also, if you beat Nephi to the punch, you get credit for the content for purposes of the contest (JesseStay will even vote for your article!).

Do all my votes count towards the contest?

Unfortunately, we can only enter one vote per user into the contest. You can get double the chances by submitting an original story however!

How do I register?

Registering is easy! In the top bar of the page, you’ll see a “register” link. Click on it and it will ask for a username of your choice, password of your choice, and an e-mail address. Enter your information, and click “Create User”. Congratulations! You’re now a member of the Came2Pass community! Make sure your e-mail address is correct so we can contact you if you win the contest.

Also, you might enjoy after that point adding additional information about yourself for your friends to see. Click “Top Users” on the left and see if any of your friends are on there. Add them as friends if they are (more features surrounding that to come!).

How do I submit a story?

Submitting a story is easy! Simply login, click “Submit a New Story” on the left-hand page, and enter the url of the story you are linking to. If you would like to submit your own content, leave that page blank. Click “Continue”, and enter the information on the following page about your story (or your own original content). Then click “Preview and Submit”, review it, and be sure to submit it again, and you’re finished! See? Wasn’t that easy?

Please, if you have any more questions feel free to post them below, or click on the contact link at the bottom of Came2Pass.com. Again, the link to Came2Pass.com is:


Good luck, and I’ll see you on Came2Pass.com!

UPDATE: Now instead of one vote per person being entered in the contest, each vote you make gets entered. Therefore the more votes you make, the better your chances of winning the $50! Good luck, and tell your friends!

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Jesse Stay has been a pioneer in the space of social media marketing since before it was called "social media marketing". Originally a software developer, Jesse built a tool called SocialToo.com which helped brands like Pepsi, Brittany Spears, and MC Hammer grow their social media presence, and before he knew it brands were coming to him for help to grow their presence in very unique ways. His tool was featured on almost every tech blog and even mainstream news sites like New York Times, Techcrunch, and Mashable. Jesse also spent a brief period working FOR Facebook, Inc., helping them to build out their documentation to help companies integrate Facebook Connect into their websites and mobile apps. Jesse took his skills and helped the LDS Church kick off most of its social media programs. While there he helped launch the award-winning "I'm a Mormon" marketing campaign with global reach worldwide in the millions of views and followers. Jesse established new global programs at the Church to further grow its reach amongst both members and non-members of the Church, working with every department of the Church, also including entities like the Mormon Tabernacle Choir and Brigham Young University. He also helped the Church navigate its voice and presence during the Mitt Romney Presidential campaign due to the significant attention the Church was getting at the time. He established the social media advertising techniques and strategies employed at Deseret Digital Media growing over 20 million fans across their news properties in just 6 months, and was featured on AdWeek for his success. As founder and Principal of Stay N Alive, Jesse has developed very unique techniques in social media advertising to help organizations grow presences, within months on minimal budgets, into hundreds of thousands of highly relevant and engaging fans and followers. He designed and teaches social media advertising at LDS Business College. He has helped grow sales, and has a belief that yes, you CAN measure social! Jesse has been featured as one of 10 entrepreneurs to follow on Twitter (next to Biz Stone and Ev Williams, founders of Twitter) by Entrepreneur magazine. Jesse has written 9 books on the topic of social media marketing and development, including Google+ Marketing For Dummies and Facebook All In One For Dummies, and eats, lives, and drinks social media with a personal combined presence of over 600,000 followers on his personal social profiles.

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